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Mini Mogul Academy is a project based curriculum that was created with today’s student in mind. Our goal is to expose students to career pathways, eliminate barriers to success, and reach them through all learning styles so that everyone can be fully engaged.
Mini Mogul Academy: Entrepreneurship 101
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Our educators are fully supported by the MMA learning portal. Adopting the Mini Mogul Curriculum is easy. We supply the student and teacher portal, course content, assessments, course materials and a custom app to engage students. We provide educators with analytics for planning long term success.

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“Mini Mogul engaged my students by introducing them to new material while reinforcing their core classes. It gave them a chance to explore their interests while learning about career pathways and opportunities. I hope that they hold on to the knowledge and find success while contributing to society.”

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Mini Mogul Academy program provides the following outcomes;

-Students are exposed to career pathways
-Extensive business related vocabulary
-Public speaking skills are built
-Each students plays a major role in completing a business plan with financial projections
-Students each take on the role of start up business owner and investor
-Students learn from each other through hands on group work
-All students are given access to our online portal and custom app that pairs with the curriculum

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“The business and life skills the students learn give them the capacity to manage their own future. Mini Mogul not only focuses on feeding students minds and bodies but it teaches them the importance of knowing how to fish.”

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Students in the Mini Mogul Program get to learn about

-What It Takes to Be A Mogul
-Ways to Build A Business
-The Economy
-The Art of Pitching
-Research & Development
-Building My Business Plan

“Mini Mogul taught me that the only limits I have are my own and that I can be a problem solver by thinking big.”

I am a Mogul

We love to give students a hands on experience and first class advice and motivation.

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“Having the opportunity to learn fundamentals that not only apply to being a business owner but to innovation and career pathways at such an early age isn’t something I would have loved to be exposed to. Mini Mogul is giving students a head start for tapping into their future.”

A Message from Kristian

Mini Mogul Academy was created to prepare students for their futures by aiding in career exploration and innovation at an early age instead of waiting until they are nearly adults. We understand that not all students learn the same way so we are intentional about engaging all learning styles while meeting multiple Common Core Standards. By equipping students to be critical thinkers, and problem solvers we are preparing them for a bright future while connecting them back to their core classroom subjects.These students will be leaders who support a strong workforce and sustainable communities.

– Kristian Grant, Founder

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