Reminders & Notifications

We release units after students successful completion of modules and send notifications when new material is available. Our notifications are automated and customizable to help both students and instructors stay on top of communications.

More Ways to Moderate

Make sure every question gets answered and assignments are graded quickly – even for the big classes. We can host multiple instructors and course facilitators to stay on top of responses.

Custom Completions Certificates

Mini Mogul Academy provides you with custom styled, personalized printable completion certificates for each course.

More Quiz Options

Mini Mogul Academy includes more ways to assess your students – multi-answer, single choice, selectable, short answer, long answer, true and false and upload.

Plus, we can require students to complete each unit quiz with a qualifying grade before starting the next session.

Course Outline

Module 1: What It Takes to Be A Mogul

Module 2: There’s More Than One Way to Build A Business

Module 3: The Economy & Me

Module 4: The Boardroom Pitch

Module 5: Research & Development

Module 6: Building My Business Plan Phase I

Module 7: Building My Business Plan Phase II

Module 8: The Final Pitch


“We Take Meeting Standards Seriously So That You Can Meet Your Targets. Here are some of the Common Core Standards that we meet.”
  • Problem Posing Education
  • Writing
  • Reasoning Math Skills
  • Foundational Skills
  • Reading Standards for Informational Text
  • Critical Thinking
  • Co-Construction of Knowledge
  • Language
  • Student Identity Development


  • Students are exposed to career pathways
  • Extensive business related vocabulary
  • Public speaking skills are built
  • Each students plays a major role in completing a business plan with financial projections
  • Students each take on the role of start up business owner and investor
  • Students learn from each other through hands on group work
  • All students are given access to our online portal and custom app that pairs with the curriculum